ShotByCA Aerial Photography and Videography

ShotByCA Aerial Photography

My name is Chris Anderson, and I am a federally certified and insured aerial photographer and videographer in the Edmonton, Alberta area. I can provide you with stunning aerial still photos and video utilizing state of the art technology, that produces results that are unmatched by traditional airplanes and helicopters.

Aerial Photo of an Edmonton area real estate property

I have a background in aviation, and have been safely operating my UAV in the Edmonton area since January 2014. I am a photographer by trade, so combined with my aviation background, I was able to seamlessly transition into aerial photography and provide clients with beautiful aerial photos.


Edmonton lakefront property aerial photo

 Aerial Photography and Videography Applications

There are an unlimited number of applications for UAV aerial photos including:

Aerial photo of agricultural farm silos in Alberta

Benefits of UAV Photography and Videography

  • Low altitudes – UAV’s can fly from inches above the ground to several hundred feet, unlike traditional helicopters and airplanes that have minimum altitude rules over built up areas.
  • Operating cost – Unlike a helicopter which commands at least $1000 per hour, a UAV can be operated at a fraction of that.
  • Carbon footprint – My UAV is “green” in that it doesn’t use fuel or emit pollutants into the air.
  • Unique angles: Due to low altitudes, UAV’s can capture stunning aerial photos and video that are unmatched by helicopters and airplanes, or simply standing and taking a photo from an elevated platform.

UAV Flight Certification and Legalities

I am fully certified with Transport Canada to commercially operate my UAV, and also carry extensive liability insurance in case of an accident. The Transport Canada certification allows me to legally operate in the Edmonton area, and keeps you safe from any possible fines from using an illegal aerial photographer. Fines range from $5,000 to $25,000 for illegal operators, but rest easy knowing that I am certified, legal, and insured.

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When you’re ready to discuss your aerial photography needs, contact me at 587-991-0997 or

Remember I am the only legally certified UAV operator in the Edmonton area, so don’t be fooled by an illegal operator and potentially face one of those huge fines! Let’s fly safely and legally, and get you some dynamite aerial photos and videos!